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ClerkePass allows its users to electronically send and receive certified/non-certified documents that are secured with individual digital certificate encryption. When implemented into a clerk's office, a county clerk can save time by eliminating customer waiting lines and the traditional method of manually shipping documents overnight.
Save money by eliminating paper, stamp, and ink purchases eliminate misplaced/stolen/tampered documents through our patented individual digital certificate encryption and implement our ClerkePass software into the county system at no cost.

ClerkePass Makes a Difference
for Clerks

  • Before: Following the traditional method of paper-based certified document process can lead to cluttered stacks of paperwork, inefficient usage of time, unnecessary overnight shipping costs, and an incredible lack of security.

  • After: With ClerkePass, your work environment is free and clear from uncontrollable stacks of paperwork, you can utilize our systems and services at no cost for any clerk office, save time by processing orders at a convenient time of your choice, save money by eliminating overnight shipping fees, and securely store and manage your client's vital documents with our digital certificate encrypted database.

ClerkePass Makes a Difference
for Your Clients

  • Before: Customers are waiting in lines, paying for paper and stamp expenses, lacking document storage and distribution security, and simply, missing the efficiency and security they need to make their lives easier.

  • After: With ClerkePass, clients can electronically exchange certified/non-certified documents, eliminate delivery fees, remove waiting time, and establish absolute security and privacy. By offering numerous benefits to your clients, you will build your reputation.

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