Alert and Closing Welcome to Portsmouth Circuit Court’s Office.
Here you can search for public documents filed and follow the search for the case desired.
For this you have to just follow below steps:
1) Login.
2) Enter the details for the desired document.
3) Pay for the selected documents.
4) Print non-certified documents and view certified documents.
Non-Certified Document Charges Certified Document Charges
  • Customized Transaction Access Fee per Transaction: $4.00
  • County/City Fee: $0.50 per Page
  • Customized Access Fee: $8.00 for per certified copy
  • County/City Fee:$0.50 per Page + $2.00 per certification
* For Non-Certified documents, If you want to order different documents for same case number, you can order in one request.
* Sealed or confidential documents are not available through this site.
* Certified document would be valid for 30 days from the date of Certification.
* Document request will be processed during the Court's business days. Document turnaround time would be 24 hours to 48 hours depending upon clerk's office.
* Our documents will be online. NOT COMING IN YOUR MAIL.
* DO NOT USE OUR DOCUMENT IN THE SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE or DMV. You will need an embossed copy by doing a mail in order to the court.
* Please note that for any agency to accept the document the user should print all the pages of the certified document.
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Citizen Testimonials
In the world of automated systems and climbing fuel costs, it is really...


Aug 31, 2012, Kanawha, West Virginia
In the world of automated systems and climbing fuel costs, it is really nice to see this service offered.

RJ Marro

Sep 13, 2012, Bethesda, MD
I wanted to send a note expressing my satisfaction with your website. The turn-around time for my document request was much faster than expected, and the website itself was user-friendly and easy to navigate. I am most impressed with the service you provide and would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again.

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